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x-posted from my journal - The Parlor Girls — LiveJournal
x-posted from my journal
In the beginning Parlor Girls was just going to be an online livejournal community where we could gossip and tell tall tales about women. We were to just let go a part of ourselves. I had the idea to branch it out but soon after daily obligations came in and odd relationship issues ... Parlor Girls kind of was left to its own devices which didn't hold very strong at all.

Since then I have met many many beautiful, adoring, funny, witty, geeky, humorous, and amazing women... no more or less important than the ones I had already known before. Indeed all the women I know are fascinating in one form or another and it was by this enlightenment that I decided to take Parlor Girls offline and start to build an actual community of diversified women.

There are communities everywhere for women, I realize this. But I want to do something just a bit different. So you will have to trust me on this.

There has to be active participation for this to work though. It is hard to explain all of what I am wanting to do on here and I do hope to explain it in more detail and answer any questions anyone has during the Naked Girls Party coming up. For now I will do my best explaining here.

The Parlor is a gathering place. It is a place where the secrets do not cross the walls and women can be what women are best... themselves. I want to have it where we all get together and do something. Whether that be learning some new odd art, software, clothing design, fashion, make-up, animation, posing, how to manipulate men in 10 easy steps... whatever it is to share that gift with each other. But to also go out and do odd neat twists of things. The idea of dressing up in fourties/fifties clothing and shopping at the Market comes to mind (with fifteen / twenty women this gets interesting). But it is not just for one sector of style, but for all styles and all shapes of women. To come together and gossip, have mimosas, share ourselves because most of us don't have friends that are female or don't have enough femininity in ourselves. So we can go out, stay in, dress up, laugh. Be giddy and humorous and secretive. It is a place to get away from our husbands, our boyfriends, our children, our friends, our lovers, our lives ... and share a bit of each others.

I still want the livejournal community as a meet/greet/updates forum. For those that do not know what it is you can find it at theparlorgirls. There are rules to being a member. As I have decided that it will be by membership (no there are no dues or anything like that). I want everyone to feel they are a part of something. I want everyone to feel that they can smile and be as insane and crazy and retardedly female as they want.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask here. I will answer them as promptly as I can. If you would like to know how you can help out... please do email me! manda@poae.net

I would like to state that the admins I have helping me with the community may not be the people that I will have helping me run events/outtings/gatherings and so forth. I do plan to make this happen and have even looked into support for such a thing. So I will be choosing a few people that I feel I can best rely on and have the time to put into this, with me, since time is something a lot of us can least afford. But anyone can help as there are many things that need to be done and prepared for.

But, as I stated before, I will explain this in more detail at the Naked Girls Party. Everyone wishing to attend this please give me a time that is best suited. So far I cannot do the 18th of Oct, the weekend following that, or Halloween. September is still pretty open but I would like to do this in the afternoon as I want to drink Mimosas. Heh. Yes, I'm selfish. :) We could do a late brunch to accomidate [Bad username: scurvykat though].

I hope this explains somewhat. My creative kick is uninspired at the moment. Goodnight ladies!
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scurvykat From: scurvykat Date: September 10th, 2005 02:47 am (UTC) (Link)
As for art, I can show everyone how to make pretty flower arrangements. :-D
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