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The Parlor Girls — LiveJournal
Okay ladies... for those of you who have seen the new Star Wars film...

Anakin Skywalker was soooooooo hot in a tortured soul sort of way.

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Ya know what I've found makes every workplace fun and interesting?


Not flirtations, not office affairs, just plain crushes. Admirings from afar, or those second-glance looks, that sort of thing. Every job I've had, there's been at least one (ok, one exception to that rule...never mind). It made most of those crappy jobs (and most of them were crappy) a little more interesting, to say the least.
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I am 29 with a two year old daughter, a tall geeky husband, one sawed-off German Shepherd, and an old cranky corgi-terrier mix. Upon meeting me in person the first thing most people notice is that I am short. Not your average petite 5'2" short; I am under 5' short. Once you get to know me, people tend to overlook the short thing. My personality is fairly tall. It is kind of like a dachsund. They are fierce creatures trapped in a silly looking case.

I have issues. Doesn't everyone?

My day job involves customer service. I have to spend my days listening to people tell me why I should give them more time to pay their electric bill and determine if I will give it to them or have their power disconnected. It is really pretty amazing to see human nature at such a base level. Some people's children...

I am a fairy princess. I was supposed to be a fox. This body is an accident of birth.

I like watching cheesy sci-fi tv. I am lost in the 80s and early 90s. There is something about guys with long hair and leather pants. That is enough for now. I will scare you off later.
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My name is Jen. I'm the rather unremarkable age of 23. Seriously, nothing cool happens when you're 23.

Born, raised, and reside in Washington, save a 3 year stint in Montana. I don't suggest going there.

I'm going to teh skoolz to get a degree in Interior Design and maybe Architecture. I haven't decided.
I've contemplated abandoning my schooling and opening an animal shelter.

I like flowers. I work at a florist shop, and I've mastered the art of cutting stems with my little knife and popping them at people.

I'm really not what anyone would call 'traditionally' girly. I don't really like pink, I tend to stay away from chick flicks, and I REALLY enjoy belching. I've never seen Sixteen Candles or The Breakfast Club. I grew up with the other girls hating me. To this day, I don't commune well with the 'vimens'.

I like Pirates. I have the largest collection of lotions, bath gels and bubble bath of anyone. Ever. I could open my own Bath and Body Works.

I like anime(now who didn't see that coming?). I wish to elope with Inuyasha and have little white haired quarter demon children with fuzzy dog ears. And after I have my little fuzzy dog eared children, I will have many intimate encounters with Vash and Wolfwood. Probably at the same time.

I too like to dance, but I really(REALLY) don't know how, so I try to fake it. I'm told I can fake it pretty well. I want to learn swing and some belly dancing.

I like power tools. The thought of drills and table saws gets me giddy. My dremel is the coolest thing in the world.

Shall think of more, but I'll probably forget to add it.

Current Mood: rushed rushed

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If you are like me, you may find this information to be helpful, and I know I am certainly going to check it out to see if it is something I can try.

Falling in love made Kate Winslet's hormones go haywire - then she discovered a herbal remedy.
Date: 14th March 2000, Source: Lucy Atkins on the power of the plant

Kate Winslet struck a chord when she confessed in this month's Elle magazine that passion, for her, brought with it some Titanic highs and lows. "I was a big hormonal bag for a good six months," she says of meeting Jim Threapleton, love of her life, father of her unborn child. She lost weight. She started taking herbal remedies. She wanted babies. Immediately. "I remember feeling like a bit of a nutter," she says. There are sound medical reasons why Winslet's hormones may have gone ballistic when she fell in love.

According to Dr Jean Ginsburg, consultant endocrinologist from the Royal Free hospital in London, "Hormones are the chemical mes sengers of the body. Amongst other things they control fertility and the various changes of the menstrual cycle." Scientists have long understood that sexual attraction causes chemical changes in our bodies. So with all these mind-altering chemicals coursing through our vital organs, it's little wonder that we say we've fallen "madly" in love.

Winslet claims that a plant called Mexican yam has balanced her hormones. So has she lost it entirely? Well, the good news is that Winslet probably hasn't gone completely mad. Mexican yam has been used by generations of herbalists to deal with gynaecological problems. According to Trudy Norris of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, its official name is Dioscorea villosa. It contains "Steroidal saponins, phytosterols, alkaloids, tannins and starch" and is, says Norris, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and mildly diuretic. Herbalists prescribe it to help things like period pain or ovarian pain. It can be used, too, to relieve inflammation of the genito-urinary tract and to help irritable bowel syndrome or diverticulitis.

And it's not just herbalists who've cottoned on to the fact that this plant can do funny things to your hormones. Extracts of it were actually used to synthesise the first oral contraceptive pill - researchers found that it con tained certain chemicals that could be used to make the steroids which inhibit ovulation.

But before there's a worldwide yam rush it might also be worth knowing that nobody really understands exactly how the plant may work on your love-lorn hormones. But it's "natural", right? So it's got to be good for you? Not necessarily. Ginsburg points out that the foxgloves in your garden are natural, but they can kill you if you eat them. "If you think you've got a problem with your hormones," she advises, "you should consult a doctor first, especially if you're pregnant." Winslet, for instance, cer tainly shouldn't be taking Mexican yam now that she's pregnant.

Norris also advises caution: "The herbal approach works best when individual prescriptions are made by a qualified herbalist because there can be many influences on your hormones. It's important to identify the source of symptoms and treat the underlying weaknesses as well." There can, for instance, be problems with some herbal remedies if taken during pregnancy, or with other medication.

Log on to the internet and you'll find scores of sites ready to sell you doses of Mexican yam at the click of a button. But they might not tell you when you shouldn't take the pills. The message is clear. If your hormones are turning you into a nutter the right herbal remedy might well help calm you down. But to be on the safe side, check with your doctor first.
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Hi, I'm Cristin and I'm not a real redhead. (un)Fortunately, my eyebrows are really the only thing that give that away ;).

I finished college last June with a degree in English because I love to write. However, what I never let on to my professors was that I really loved to write erotica. Details, eh?

I love to dance. Not so big on going to clubs full of loud music and people dancing close to each other, but just moving and flowing in my own space. At some point (in those many seconds of spare time that I get) I may try bellydancing.

I love antique books, and think that corsets are the most beautiful pieces of clothing ever created.

I have love in my life and it makes me happy.

I want to go to graduate school to get my master's in library science, because I spent a ton of time in libraries growing up (and let's face it, nothing is sexier than a libarian).

Current Music: Phantom of the Opera

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Introductions eh?

So.me.. Hrmm..
My Name is Serena. I am a 25 year old single mother from the heart of the gothic subculture. I work in the tech sector with Databases and corrupt software.. Some of my coworkers call me "geek goddess" or other such silly names. Sometimes, (more often than not) I work too much.

Raven, the light of my life that I sacrifice so much of myself for is an extremely bright 8 year old child. She is always suprising me with the things she thinks of and everyday I find myself proud of her and realize that she makes it all worth it.

Aside from being a mother, I am still me.
I love art, I am always adopting new projects, whether its sewing, sculpting, painting, "creating things(the list for that is quite extensive and bazaar) music, poetry, and yes,.. writing.. You could probably also consider my gardening and Body modifications to be art as well.

I love learning. I am a constant student of life, and if I could chose a preferred occupation it would be as a proffesional student.

I practice meditation, go for long walks, love backpacking and camping. I boffer fight, play games like D&D, white wolf, Shadowrun and Call of Cuthulu. I believe in re-incarnation, dreamwalking and astral projection.

I also believe that the mind is the most powerful force there is, and that with your mind you can do anything.

Aside from that, I go clubbing.. Alot. Dark & spooky goth clubs with stompy music are my favorite. However, I also have a soft side for Jazz music and Blues. I seem to bounce from boyfriend to boyfriend with the occasional girlfriend, always hoping for that fairytale love with the perfect person, but seem to be finding alot of normal people with lots of faults (and good qualities as well) well.. Maybe someday.

Anyways. I have this viewpoint on relationships that I would rather grow old without a mate and have lots of good friends, than grow old with the wrong person, but that I do want to grow old with someone.. You know "the one".

Lets see.. I am sure I am leaving something out... oh! I love anime!

I cosplay.

well, will edit this later as I think of more.

Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: Depeche Mode - In your room

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So... let's get to know each other shall we?

My name is Amanda aka Poae. I'm going to be 25 in a month which is making me realize that I only have five more years to decide what I'm doing with my life. That... and become famous.

I'm a Claims Processor for an Insurance Company which is an ass load of fun, lemme tell ya. Within a year I'm expected to be one step away from fully certified in all levels of insurance. Go me. :)

I have a seven, going to be eight, year old son named Aaron Cody. He's the adoration of my life. I am not, and have never been, married. I was engaged a few times and kinda took off. I abhor dating but I do it anyways and have refused many relationships in the last few years or so. I also have a secret person in my life.

I aspire to be a writer, that's probably my only aspiration in life. Oh... and going to Fiji and having some hot tanned body serve me an umbrella drink.. mmhmm.

I'm erratic and irrational and I love it.

So... tell me. Who are you? =)
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They define a parlor room as a room in a private home set apart for the entertainment of visitors. Here we have created a private room set apart for all of you where we can shut the door behind us, lock ourselves away in fellowship of other understanding and irrational women (much like ourselves).

There is no script to follow here and there is no stage that I can give you. It is an open place for us to talk about anything from the best sex we've ever had, secrets of our unions, recipies from yesterday's brunch, how to make the best bloody mary, to pillowtalk secrets, shadows and deception, our fears, our worries, our irrational logics, and just about what it is to be a woman..... amongst other women.

Imagine a powder room, a sleepover when you were sixteen, going out with the girls to get a makeover, or sisterhood. Imagine a place where there is no holds bar in your wish to rant, to bitch, to moan, to cry, to scream, to orgasm, to laugh, to have joy, and to morn.

It is membership only and unless you have a vagina you are not allowed into the door. We hold the right to say who comes and who goes. We hold the right to judgement should you tell on anyone's secrets or break our sisterhood. Here we are not only women but we are mothers, whores, gossipers, shadows, cheaters, liars, lovers, caregivers, shoppers, the materialization of Venus; we are Women.

Rules to Follow.

1) We do not tell the secrets within our parlor. If you tell any of the secrets then that woman holds the right to your own secrets. Think about that.

2) Men are not allowed in our society. If you don't have T&A then what the hell are you doing here?

3) Say what you want. This is in regards to Posting & Comments. You can make your Postings public and let the world read or you can Post to the Parlor where only the women can see it. You are allowed free rein on your words until you begin to abuse. If there is any harrassment you will get one warning before you are banned for the length of time it takes for you to get your senses back. Women are opinionated, catty, and sometimes downright rude. You have your opinion, everyone has theirs, to express your opinion means to hear others opinions. Learn to shut up if you have to.

And that is all the rules that I have so far. Otherwise I want to make this as free as possible to express yourself and be who you are where it's alright to be just that. If there comes a time in the future where I have to set more rules or if you find anything that should be on here. Please let me know.

Welcome to the Parlor Girls
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