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They define a parlor room as a room in a private home set apart for the entertainment of visitors. Here we have created a private room set apart for all of you where we can shut the door behind us, lock ourselves away in fellowship of other understanding and irrational women (much like ourselves).

There is no script to follow here and there is no stage that I can give you. It is an open place for us to talk about anything from the best sex we've ever had, secrets of our unions, recipies from yesterday's brunch, how to make the best bloody mary, to pillowtalk secrets, shadows and deception, our fears, our worries, our irrational logics, and just about what it is to be a woman..... amongst other women.

Imagine a powder room, a sleepover when you were sixteen, going out with the girls to get a makeover, or sisterhood. Imagine a place where there is no holds bar in your wish to rant, to bitch, to moan, to cry, to scream, to orgasm, to laugh, to have joy, and to morn.

It is membership only and unless you have a vagina you are not allowed into the door. We hold the right to say who comes and who goes. We hold the right to judgement should you tell on anyone's secrets or break our sisterhood. Here we are not only women but we are mothers, whores, gossipers, shadows, cheaters, liars, lovers, caregivers, shoppers, the materialization of Venus; we are Women.

Rules to Follow.

1) We do not tell the secrets within our parlor. If you tell any of the secrets then that woman holds the right to your own secrets. Think about that.

2) Men are not allowed in our society. If you don't have T&A then what the hell are you doing here?

3) Say what you want. This is in regards to Posting & Comments. You can make your Postings public and let the world read or you can Post to the Parlor where only the women can see it. You are allowed free rein on your words until you begin to abuse. If there is any harrassment you will get one warning before you are banned for the length of time it takes for you to get your senses back. Women are opinionated, catty, and sometimes downright rude. You have your opinion, everyone has theirs, to express your opinion means to hear others opinions. Learn to shut up if you have to.

And that is all the rules that I have so far. Otherwise I want to make this as free as possible to express yourself and be who you are where it's alright to be just that. If there comes a time in the future where I have to set more rules or if you find anything that should be on here. Please let me know.

Questions/Commentary can be referred to poae, dawnchylde, and tulleandtiaras.

Welcome to the Parlor girls.